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Franchisee’s triumph in property acquisition & lease talks.

Case Results

Client Background

Our, a national franchisee looking to expand their business, aimed to purchase a commercial parcel within a large development. Their plan was to construct a new franchise on the parcel and lease portions of the property to other commercial tenants.

To achieve this, they needed commercial real estate legal expertise to negotiate and draft complex cross easements for access and utility services, and to prepare leases for potential commercial tenants.

DaCruz Law Firm’s Approach

  • Offered comprehensive legal counsel to the client throughout the acquisition process.
  • Negotiated and drafted complex cross easements for access and utility easements, ensuring client’s property rights were adequately protected.
  • Prepared commercial leases tailored to the client’s specific needs and the unique aspects of the property and development.
  • Advised client on legal aspects of the commercial development process, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


  • Successfully assisted the client in purchasing the commercial parcel within the large commercial development.
  • Expertly negotiated and drafted cross easements that protected the client’s property interests and facilitated access and utility services to the purchased parcel.
  • Prepared commercial leases that met the client’s unique requirements and protected their interests, allowing them to secure tenants upon completion of construction.
  • Enabled the client to complete the commercial development project with confidence and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Through diligent legal counsel and a focused approach, the national franchisee successfully acquired the commercial parcel and navigated complex cross easements.

By offering customized commercial lease drafting services, the client was able to lease the property to commercial tenants after construction completion.

Trusting in the process allowed them to concentrate on core business activities, leading to the achievement of expansion goals and ongoing success.

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